get your kray on.
mizuki yana, hungary, '95 liner, ♀, yaoi addict.

kpopper; biases include junhyung [beast], key [shinee], CL [2NE1], yixing [exo], and more.

feels at ease in anime fandoms [notably: vampire knight, code geass, bleach, kuroko no basket, etc]

was sherlocked recently.

became a marvel fan [&] and most importantly just got loki'd

jrock and visual kei music and artists [gazette; dir en grey; miyavi, etc] can have an intense impact on her.

the sight of exposed collar bones and necks can cause vigorous reactions as well as immediate death.

- - - just finished season eight of spn and doesn't know what's gonna happen
so keep out - - -


Jul 15th | 29